Bad Weather Procedures

For Parents
Type of Warning Information for Parents

Stand By Signal No. 1
(Typhoon Signal No. 1)
All schools will operate as normal
Strong Wind Signal No. 3
(Typhoon Signal no. 3)
 Primary and Secondary schools will operate as normal unless advised otherwise.
No. 8 Southeast Gale or Storm Signal   No. 8 Southwest Gale or Storm Signal   No. 8 Northeast Gale or Storm SignalNo. 8 Northwest Gale or Storm Signal   Increasing Gale or Storm Signal No. 9  Hurricane Signal No. 10
Typhoon Signal No. 8 and above
If the signal is raised before school starts all schools will be closed. Please listen to television and radio announcements before school. Announcements are usually made from 6am onwards. School will remain closed for children all day. If the signal is raised while children are at school, please make arrangements to collect your child/children if it is safe to do so.

Procedures for the return journey home for secondary students is indicated on Pre-8 Typhoon Signal Form – which is completed at the start of the academic year.

Procedures for the return journey home for primary students is parent/guardian/helper is expected to collect the child/children.

School buses will not operate. Please check your email and SMS messages regularly.

Amber Rainstorm Warning
All schools will operate as normal. Please listen to radio and TV announcements in case the weather deteriorates.
Red or Black Rainstorm Warning
1. Before the start of school  – All schools will close all day.
2. After students have set off for school but before the commencement of schools – If students arrive at school they will be supervised until it is safe for them to be collected.
3. When classes are in session – Schools continue until the end of normal school hours and students are retained until conditions are safe for them to return home.


For more information about the weather warnings, please refer to the Hong Kong Observatory website.