MYP Assessment

Assessment in the MYP

The MYP relies upon a rigorous and thorough assessment that is integral to teaching and learning in the MYP. All subjects are assessed using four criteria (shown below in table 1) each criteria is graded out of eight.

For more details on MYP mathematics assessment, please refer to this video presentation.


How are assessments set?

When an assessment is set in class, the teacher will share the task with their students along with the criteria that is being assessed. Supporting the published IB criteria are a series of descriptors which are specific to the task (called task specific clarifications or TSC). These are designed to help the students to understand what is required of them to achieve their best in each task.  Work is marked and graded according to the assessment criteria levels, feedback is given from the teacher and students are then encouraged to reflect on their performance and how it can be improved in the future. These reflections can also be used to help students to set their personal goals.

Assessment relies on both knowledge and skills in all subjects of the MYP and students must be able to recall, investigate, apply, analyse, create, evaluate and communicate.  There are a wide range of assessment styles which are both formative and summative. These can be individual or collaborative assessments and they are designed to meet the wide variety of learning styles of all students.

Reporting on assessment

There are three formal reporting periods during the course of the year. End of semester reports provide overall achievement grades 1-7 for each subject as well as individual levels for each criteria graded 1-8. These marks reflect how students have performed in assessments during the semester.

The overall MYP grade is created using the grade boundaries (shown below in table 2) for each subject from Level 1-7.