After School Activities

After School Activities (ASA)

We offer a variety of activities for our primary students outside the normal curriculum of the school. These activities provide a great opportunity for students to explore new things, meet new friends and gain new knowledge in a leisurely way. We provide activities such as Story Time, Cube Club, and dance among others. Where possible, we have integrated and embedded activities that have a clear curricular focus into year level programmes. Primary ASAs are optional but we encourage students to take up activity in order to develop social skills and have some fun after school.

Time and Date

ASAs are run by teachers on weekdays (except school and public holidays). We have three seasons of activities every academic year and registration is done through Gateway. Activities can take place during lunch and after school. Students and parents/guardians should check availability before registering.


All activities are listed on Gateway prior to their registration dates. Parents/guardians are encouraged to check activities information and have discussions with their children in order to choose suitable activities for the students.

External Providers

External providers also offer after school programmes. These providers use our school facilities and parents/guardians have the option of enrolling their children into these programmes. For these activities, there is normally a cost involved, payable to the provider. We will continue to develop the ASA programme to provide more opportunities for our students to learn throughout the year.

For questions relating to Primary ASA, please contact Ms. Beatrice So at


The Secondary Co-curricular programme provides our older students with a wide range of activities outside school hours. Activities take place in 10-week blocks and range from the Maths Mentor Club to Rowing and Trashion.

Sign-Up (Secondary)

Term 1 After-school Activities: 11 September – 24 November
Term 2 After-school Activities: 11 December – 15 March
Term 3 After-school Activities: 15 April – 21 June

Sign-up will be via Gateway – please make sure you can log in to Gateway with the STUDENT LOG-IN ID. (DO NOT login with your family ID.)

The list of ASAs and their descriptions are available on Gateway. You can find the description of each activity when you click on “Activity” then “After School Activities (Sec)”.

For questions relating to Secondary ASA, please contact Ms. Mandy Wong at


A note to Secondary Students:

Please consider that some activities cost money and you MUST discuss with your parents BEFORE signing up. If you sign up via Gateway, you are making a commitment to attend every week.