SP@RC – Service Projects at RCHK

Service is an integral part of Renaissance College’s mission statement and is summed up in the shortened version that says, “to seek, to serve, to strive”.

Throughout the year, staff, students and parents work to develop Service Projects in Hong Kong and throughout the region. Money raised by the community is allocated to support a wide range of projects including Bali, Luang Prabang, Phnom Penh and Sabah.

In many ways, RCHK surpasses the expectations placed upon it by the IB and engages in many service projects with a commitment that is sustained and meaningful. Many of the projects that we support are other schools where students do not have many of the basic resources that we take for granted. In some cases, it can be as basic as providing an education where none is provided.


We are committed to raising HK$397,000 annually for our Service Projects. We would like to provide as much support as we can, but we cannot do this alone – we need your help!

Cash donations are accepted throughout the year. You may make your cheque payable to “Renaissance College” and write ‘SP@RC’ on the back of the cheque (to be handed to Ms. Wong on the 4th floor Secondary Office, Administrative Building).

Your donations will make a difference. Thank you!

Our Projects

Our Projects