RCHK SmartCard

RCHK SmartCard

The RCHK SmartCard is issued to all students beginning in Year 4 and is an important identification and security tool. The SmartCard can also be used to borrow library books, print, photocopy and borrow laptops.


Where to add value to the RCHK SmartCard

Printing & Copying

Where: RCHK Bookshop
Minimum value: $20
Maximum value: $200

How do I check the value or remaining balance of my RCHK SmartCard?

Each time you print or copy, an electronic prompt will appear indicating remaining value.

Ensuring the durability and validity of the RCHK SmartCard

  • Students are advised to store reasonable value in their SmartCard
  • Keep the card away from magnets to avoid damage
  • Do not punch holes in the card
  • Keep the surface clean and free from marks or scratches
  • Do not bend the card
  • Avoid exposing the card to excessive heat

Do not wash the card or use it for any purpose for which it was not designed

Where can I replace my lost SmartCard?

To replace a lost SmartCard, please go to the Admin office (Room AB501, 5/F, Administration Block) and pay a $20 fee.

I am having technical difficulties with my SmartCard, where can I report the problems?

For SmartCard with technical difficulties – Go to Red Door Centre


Borrowing a Renaissance College laptop (applicable to Secondary only and need SmartCard)

Go to Red Door Centre

Octopus Card

We have integrated the Octopus card system in our College cafeteria as a means to manage food/drink purchases.

Where to add value to your Octopus Card

Where: RCHK Cafeteria
Who: Cashier
When: 8am – 8:40 am / 3 pm – 4:30 pm
Minimum value: $50
Maximum value: $500

How do I check the value or remaining balance of my Octopus card?

To check your remaining balance for food services, please see the cashier in the College cafeteria. Each time you purchase an item, your balance will be recorded.

Click here for ePayment guidelines.